Top 8 Tools to Crop PDF in 2022

Top 6 tools to crop PDF online 


Pricing: Free


Using, the range of processes and features that can be accessed is pretty broad, including an effective tool to crop PDF online. The free version works just fine; however, depending on your work volume and intent, you may want to opt-in for the paid version for a premium experience.


  • Completely private processing 
  • Fast and straightforward 
  • Flexible upload and download 


  • Some compelling features require a subscription. 

2. PDF Resizer 

Pricing: Free

crop pdf_pdf resizer

This remains one of the most flexible and versatile PDF crop online tools, allowing you to crop PDF files seamlessly and effortlessly. With PDF Resizer, you can access batch uploads of not more than 60MB. Also, its auto-crop feature makes the entire process more approachable. Besides, you can manually select areas to crop. 


  • Supports URL upload 
  • Fast and straightforward
  • Intuitive UI


  • Not suitable for large uploads 
  • 60MB file limit

3. Sejda 

Pricing: $7.5 monthly

crop pdf_sejda

With Sejda PDF tool, you can crop PDF by trimming and cutting the margins as individual elements. Similar to PDF Resizer, it also allows you to select the area to crop, and as well, access other compelling features. However, the maximum size is pegged at 50MB. 


  • Deletes file after 3 hours 
  • Fast conversion 
  • No effect on quality. 


  • 50MB limit 
  • 200 PDF crop limit. 

4. PDF Candy

Pricing: $6 monthly 

crop pdf_pdf candy

This is yet another PDF crop online tool to crop PDF online regardless of the platform you use. With PDF Candy, you can also upload from various media, including local storage and cloud storage. On completing the process, it automatically deletes every file after 30 minutes. 


  • Crop PDF pages effortlessly 
  • Access to several compelling features
  • Intuitive UI, with faultless user experience 


  • No batch processing support. 

5. AvePDF 

Pricing: Free

crop pdf_avepdf

If you are looking for a tool to crop PDF pages while optimizing your entire PDF workflow, look no further than AvePDF. Not only does it crop PDF files, but also, it offers services such as conversion, editing, protection, among others for your PDF files without worrying about software downloads. However, with no prior knowledge on how to crop a PDF, you might find using AvePDF as an uphill task. 


  • Compelling features at a relatively meager price
  • Excellent user satisfaction 
  • No effect on quality.


  • Can seem complex
  • Limited customization. 

6. EasePDF 

Pricing: $4.95

crop pdf_easepdf

EasePDF offers an accessible online platform for PDF conversion and editing, including tools to crop PDF. It is an online tool, and as such, you can use it to crop PDF from anywhere and anytime without worrying about software requirements and restrictions. 


  • Automatic file deletion after 24 hours 
  • Access to over 30 functional tools
  • Easy to use with incredible speed. 


  • Require subscription for full functionality. 

How to crop PDF on Mac offline

Method 1: Crop PDF using Adobe Acrobat 

crop pdf_adobe acrobat

Adobe acrobat’s delivery quality is undeniable when it comes to everything related to PDF. Well, this is not unexpected, as the same brand developed both the PDF file format and the software. And of course, it actively translates this quality into its tool that allows you to crop a PDF on Mac effortlessly. Curious about how to crop a PDF in adobe? Here are a few steps for your perusal. 

  • Install the software 
  • Launch the subject PDF document 
  • Choose tools and select EDIT PDF
  • select CROP PAGES and manually choose the intended crop area. 
  • Navigate to the middle of the rectangle double click and select OK. Now, you go ahead to save the cropped document. 

Method 2: Crop PDF using Preview APP

crop pdf_Preview

Having explored how to crop a PDF in adobe, let's take a step further to learn how to crop pdf in preview. The app comes with mac, and as such, you can crop PDF free using it. Learning how to crop PDF in Preview is pretty straightforward. However, remember that you can only crop page-by-page, and not at once. Here's how to crop PDF on Mac using Preview. 

  • Launch the PDF file with Preview
  • Open the markup bar represented by a little pen point icon at the top and pick the RECTANGULAR SELECTION
  • Manually select the areas you want to crop and press play. 
  • Read and click ok in subsequent prompts to crop PDF free.
  • Save your file. 


In this guide, we explored diverse online tools to crop PDF alongside their upsides and downsides, and some alternatives for you if you are looking for how to crop a PDF offline. We also highlighted some straightforward steps in how to crop PDF in Adobe and using the Preview APP. All in all, you know enough options and alternatives to choose from depending on your budget, workload and the type of device you have. Also read How to Send Large PDF Files Via Email.