Best 10 Tools to Convert TXT to PDF in 2022

1. VancePDF TXT to PDF 

Price: Free

.txt to pdf_vancepdf 

VancePDF is a powerful PDF management and editing tool that can be used to automate a wide variety of manual processes. With this tool, you can merge, edit, customize and convert TXT to PDF without losing formatting. It boasts cross-platform access via browser, cloud storage for conversion, secure uploading and processing with 256-bit SSL encryption technology. VancePDF definitely offers a hassle-free approach to converting .txt to PDF online.


  •  Secured and encrypted uploading and processing.
  •  Easy and free to use.
  •  Conversion of TXT to PDF and other file formats.

•    Inefficiency sometimes with font recognition
•    Conversion of big files takes too much time

2. SodaPDF

Price: Free trial and Paid (Home $10/mo, Premium $15/mo, Enterprise edition $159)

 .txt to pdf_sodapdf

SodaPDF allows users to convert popular file formats such as Word, Excel, images, Html, PowerPoint, and TXT to PDF. It allows to merge, split, rearrange, sign and convert documents. Also, you are allowed to store both the original and the converted documents in the cloud via email. It is more efficient to use this tool for converting TXT to PDF because of the more advanced AI automation that guarantees ease and accuracy of use in font reading. It is available across all platforms with the optimized versions accessible through mobile apps.


  •  Accessible across multiple platforms
  •  The speed and accuracy of file conversion is the best
  •  The trial version offers limited access to everything
  • Offers batch processing


  • Batch processing may become unresponsive.
  • Lacks optical character recognition
  • It is expensive compared to others

3. Online2PDF

Price: Free

 .txt to pdf_online2pdf

Online2PDF is a PDF management tool that can be used to convert any file to format to PDF just as the name suggests. With Online2PDF, you can convert TXT to PDF free online. Though the user interface is old, it has basic features. When converting TXT to PDF here, you can select multiple files for batch processing. It also boasts of an encrypted connection to guarantee users’ data and anonymity. It is basic for beginners.


  • It offers batch processing
  • User anonymity is guaranteed
  • Free to use


  • Old and unfriendly user interface

4. Online-Converter

Price: Free and Paid ($7/mo, $67/year)

 .txt to pdf_online converter

With Online-Converter, you can convert files in various formats to PDF. This TXT to PDF converter allows you to access protected file data and encrypted data processing. It boasts of tools like optical character recognition that can convert TXT in their original format or in screenshots. Also, you can fix crooked images with this tool. You can also include target languages that are included in the file for best performance.


  • Provides OCR for quality and accurate work.
  • It converts based on languages selected
  • Easy to use


  •  The free version provides limited access

5. PDF Candy

Price: Free

 .txt to pdf_pdfcandy

This PDF management tool is easy and free to use. With over 20 PDF features, this is one of the best PDF-free editors available online. It offers a secured process and guarantees data privacy and anonymity, and also offers extremely fast .txt to PDF conversion.


  • Easy to use
  • Secured privacy
  • Fast processing


  • Inconsistent font processing 

6. Zamzar

Price: Free and Paid (basic $9/mo, pro $16/mo, business $25/mo)

 convert .txt to pdf_zamzar

Zamzar is a powerful tool to convert .txt to PDF. This tool supports over 1200 different file formats. Being accessible via any browser and across all platforms, Zamzar is one of the best file concertino tools available online for free. 


  • Access to multiple file conversion
  • Easy and friendly interface


  • The free plan is very limited

7. AvePDF

Price: free

 .txt to pdf_avepdf

AvePDF is a sophisticated PDF management tool that can be used in converting .txt to PDF. Having a feature like OCR makes character recognition easier and font reading more accurate. Also, it converts more than 100 file formats. They also offer data encryption to protect users and all files are deleted 30minutes after use.


  • Free to use
  • Easy user interface
  • Secure user data


  • The free version may not last

8. Cloud Converter

Price: Free and Paid ($8/mo)

 .txt to pdf_cloudconvert

Cloud Converter is a document management platform designed to help import and convert files. You can convert .txt to PDF with this tool. They offer secure confidential txt to prevent unauthorized data exploitation. You can also export your files to cloud storage options like Google drive.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Secures files confidentiality


  • Might encounter difficulty reading specialized fonts
  • Conversion of big files takes too long

9. Convertio

Price: paid ($9.99/mo, $14.99/mo, $25.99/mo)

 .txt to pdf_convertio

Convertio offers a document management tool that can be used to convert files into multiple formats. With over 300 files supported, almost any file can be converted to another. Also, it is an AI-powered automated process of converting TXT to PDF. They offer cloud storage and encrypted security. Also, it is available across all platforms.


  • Data encryption and security
  • Easy to use
  • Cloud storage


  • Not free to use

10. SmallPDF

Price: Free and Paid (starts at $10/mo)

 .txt to pdf_smallpdf

SmallPDF is a cross-platform tool to convert .txt to PDF. It offers an advanced and easy-to-use platform for everyone as it is available in 24languages. With SmallPDF, .txt to PDF conversion is a lot easier and faster.


  • Online and offline processing
  • Secured connection and unlimited cloud storage


  • Inefficiency with fonts recognition


Since .txt file format produces text content devoid of proper formatting, using it for file presentation might prove difficult. Hence, it is important to understand how to use online tools for txt to PDF conversion. Hence, from this article, you should be equipped with the right tools to achieve .txt to PDF conversion. Also read Best 6 Tools to Convert Word Doc to PDF.