How to Edit PDF in Browser

Let’s exam such scenario, some of us may have confronted such dilemma that you want to extract certain words from PDF format files or add more information into the PDFs you are reading, however you could not edit directly like Word file due to its unchangeable feature. At that time, here a professional online tool will help you conduct the process of PDF to Word. After converting PDF into Word version can you edit freely. If you want to know how to edit PDF in browser, continue reading!

Edit PDF in browser with Adobe Acrobat Extension

Adobe Acrobat Extension is developed by Adobe Company, which is the creator of PDF format file as well as the world biggest software servicer for handling PDF formats. With this online tool, you can create new PDF document, convert PDF to other formats of files, or upload the PDFs needing editing and directly modify its content as you expected. Supported with powerful AI technology and enhancement security, it allows you edit PDF in browser fluently and safely.

Step 1: Subscribe the service of Adobe Acrobat Extension and add it to your web browser, after that you can open the files through it.

Step 2: Select the area and make changes you as you expected, for example you are enabled to change scripts’ fond and make the content you want to outstand by using highlight cursor, which all help you edit PDF in web browser with ease.

Step 3: Save the files you’ve completed, or you can choose to send the final outputs to your E-mail box.

Edit PDF in browser with SmallPDF

SmallPDF is also a popular unified platform serving for all the works about PDF such as unlocking, rotating, converting, editing, compressing and splitting. If you want to edit PDF in chrome browser, SmallPDF will be a great choice recommended for you because it is cross-platform supported. Often you have to buy expensive software for merging PDFs or adding content you want to targeting PDFs, but you can replace the traditional sophisticated method to using web-based application, which highly accelerate the efficiency of your workflow.

Step 1: Click icon beside CHOOSE FILES and upload the file you need do some editions from your device or third-party channels of Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 2: Wait within 5 seconds and then you will get a page explicitly presenting your PDF’s content, scroll up to the upper menu bar, select the tool to achieve the effect you want.

Step 3: Download the finished document in your local folder.

Apart from the 2 online tools mentioned above, there are other ways make it easier for you to do work with PDFs like a pro. Let’s delve into it.

About VancePDF 

VAncePDF_edit pdf in browser

Though less famed as Adobe Acrobat Extension, VancePDF is also appricated for its quick processing and free charge. What you should do is opening VancePDF’s browser, uploading the PDF file and converting it to Word file. Then you can do some changes by editing the word file.

Not restricted to VancePDF, Sejda is also a dedicated platform serving for works on PDF, which allows you edit PDF in browser. In addition,Sejda supports offline software compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux if you worry about the files might miss out through web-based processing, the tools keep same as online version.


To sum up, nowadays various online tools served for PDF editing exist in market. Among them, VancePDF is a comprehensively better unified online tool from user perspective. Powered with Cloud-process technology and clear navigating, Vance PDF simplify your fiddly task on editing PDF file with one-click. It’s compatible with all types of browsers so you can feel free to use if you are used to edit PDF in chrome browser.

Long story short, you must have your ideas on dealing with problems like how to edit PDF in browser after reading this article. Action is better than hesitation, try these new ways next time when you demand to edit PDF.

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