Top 7 AI Music Generator Review 2022

Essentially, AI music composers and generators implement deep learning networks which depend on the analysis of a sizable chunk of data. The software analysis these data to identify diverse patterns such as chords, and how musical notes relate to each other. Rightly applying these inputs, it can then create its own music.

Let's start without further ado. Here are the 7 best AI music generators you can find. Each of them has its own features, keep reading and choose the one that is right for you. 

7 best AI music generator tools 

1. Soundraw

Price: $16.6 monthly / $19.9 monthly

Soundraw Website

Do you know you can customize a song with AI-created phrases? Well, Soundraw allows you to do that and more. With a fine blend of AI and its unequaled assembly of manual tools, you can easily generate and customize innovative music. It has a free music maker for every user; however, opting for the free plan users from downloading their compositions. Hence, you must subscribe before you can download. 


  • Unmatched ease of use
  • Blends manual tools with AI
  • Compatibility with Premiere Pro and Google Chrome as a plugin


  • It is not free

2. Boomy

Price: $8.99 monthly

Boomy Website

On Boomy, AI algorithms are the hitmakers! Essentially, it is taking an active role in lowering the barriers of entry into music and music production. Within a few seconds, you can create original songs which you can submit and earn streaming revenues from over 40 services globally. Similar to Soundraw, it offers a free music maker; however, you can only make music online without downloading it on your device.


  • A free version is available
  • You can submit your releases and earn revenues on youtube, Tiktok, and other services
  • Access to an unmatched assembly of features and functionalities


  • Most features are in the paid version

3. Ecrett Music 

Price: $4.99 monthly

Ecrett Music Website

With just a glimpse at its interface, you'd get attracted to its intuitiveness, featuring diverse moods, genres as well as scenes. On registering and subscribing, Ecrett requires you to upload a video you wish to generate music for and pick your preferred style. Just a simple hit on the “create music" button, the AI music generator generates a soundtrack for you. This ai music composer is most excellent for video background music without having to worry about copyright.


  • Offers a trial version
  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent UI


  • Soundtracks are not editable
  • Limited use case

4. Evoke Music

Price: Varies depending on Tier and subscription frequency

Evoke Music Website

Here is another viable option to create music for your videos, games, podcasts, etc., using artificial intelligence. It is currently available in the beta version where you can access multiple functionalities, ranging from context awareness to hourly added unique tracks, depending on your subscription tier or level. Best of all, it features a reliable monetization framework that guarantees that every creative are rewarded for their creative productions on the platform.


  • Pretty easy to navigate
  • Unlimited features for creatives
  • You can monetize your creations


  • Some features are limited by Tiers
  • Exorbitantly priced

5. AIVA 

Price: May vary according to your preferred plan

AIVA Website

Anyone who had used this tool to make music online would agree that it has no competition when it comes to composing emotional soundtracks, whether for movies, or ads. Best of all, you don't have to worry about music licensing processes. Using AIVA, you can easily generate music irrespective of genres or styles by simply selecting a preset style and hitting the “create” button. Besides, you can edit existing songs with this AI music generator. If you are not looking for a specialized and powerful AI music generator, its free music maker should suffice.


  • Access to a functional free version
  • You can edit soundtracks
  • Modify existing tracks


  • Delays in the registration mail
  • You can't upload videos. 

6. Amper

Price: $83 monthly

Amper Website

Arguably, this is the easiest to use AI music generator you can find today. It requires no intricate knowledge of music theory nor composition. Amper creates musical tracks from pre-recorded samples and processes them into real audio. You can then modify the music keys, tempo, individual instruments. In fact, you can change the entire instrument to fit the mood you are trying to establish. Besides, you may either expert the instruments wholly or individually as layers. It also has a free music generator; however, with limited features.


  • The easiest to use
  • You can edit tracks


  • Excessive limitations on the free version
  • Pretty costly

7. Computoser

Price: Free

Computoser Website

As an entirely free music generator, Computoser adopts sets of algorithms to create creative music via a distinctive blend of instruments, rhythms as well as tones. As the tool is still in its trial version you'll likely experience both underwhelming and impressive features. The interface is pretty clean and easy to navigate. You are only required to pick the music you need to form the options and hit the play button to enjoy your music. If you want, you can also decide to download AI-generated music.


  • You can download
  • Ease of use


  • AI-generated music is not editable


As a relatively recent innovation, AI music generators still embody a significant range of untapped potentials. Nonetheless, the features we could access not are enough to propel your musical career and preferences to an entirely different level. The above-named AI music composers can perform pretty well in this regard. However, before you decide to give any of these tools a trial, ensure that you know the features and functionalities you want from them as they work in unique ways though they are all AI music generators. Irrespective of your choice, your musical life is about to be elevated to an entirely different level!

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