How to Depixelate Image Without Photoshop?

Why are your pictures pixelated?

An image is a constituent of millions of pixel blocks and when pixel density is high enough, they fuse together smoothly. However, when a picture is zoomed out beyond its optimal resolution, you have pixelated pictures that prevents you from seeing the basic objects in the picture. Though a pixelated image has its own uses like protecting privacy or preventing copyrights, but it can also make a unique image annoying. Hence, knowing how to depixelate image is paramount.

Part 1. How to depixelate image in Photoshop?

Photoshop is probably the most popular app whenever photo-related issues are mentioned. Being a premium software and a heavyweight application stacked with a lot of features including how to depixelate images. However, it can become confusing to use since it involves heavy processes for issues even as less as fixing pixelated pictures. Hence, this is why a guide like this is provided to hasten your process on how to unpixelate an image when the need arises. Let’s explore the quickest and most effective way to fix a pixelated image on Photoshop below:

1. To depixelate image in photoshop, you have to launch the photoshop app and open the pixelated image on the editor.

2. Click on “Image” button, then click on “Image size” and enlarge the image to see the pixelation.

Depixelate image with PS Step 2

3. Select Filter on the toolbar and select “Noise” from the drop-down menu. Under this, you will see many features to depixelate images. To hasten the process, click on “Reduce Noise”.

Depixelate image with PS Step 3

4. Also, you can depixelate image using the Despeckle option within the same drop-down to unpixelate photos.

5. Then, after the process, you can download the image to your device.

Part 2. How to depixelate image without Photoshop?

As mentioned before, Photoshop may seem too complicated for some users, because it is too function-packed. Below are three great alternatives to photoshop to depixelate image.

Method 1: How to depixelate an image with VanceAI Image Enlarger

VanceAI is one of the hottest tools available right now with AI-based technology that is aimed at enhancing the photo editing processes such as to unpixelate pictures. With VanceAI, you are guaranteed access to unique tools. It can also be used to depixelate image online with its VanceAI image Enlarger feature. To use this feature to depixelate your pixelated images, follow the following steps:

1. Access the site using the link created above and upload an image. Then select Start to Process on the right-hand side after loading.

Depixelate image with Vance AI step 1

2. Wait for the processing to be completed and download the Image to save the new image.

Depixelate image with Vance AI step 2

Method 2. How to unpixelate image with

Waifu2x is also an AI-based image upscaling tool that guarantees AI processes that would help guarantee the safety of picture quality. It is totally free to use and has a host of features which include ensuring you have a depixelated image. You can make use of Waifu2x for your pixelated image by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the website using the above link provided in this post.

2. Then, drag and drop the image on the provided space or simply upload the image.

Depixelate image with Waifu2x step 2

3. Click on “Start to process” after uploading an image.

Depixelate image with Waifu2x step 3

4. You will be able to compare the pictures after processing. Click on “download”.

Depixelate image with Waifu2x step 4

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Methid 3. How to unpixelate a picture in GIMP?

GIMP is a cross-platform sophisticated image editing tool with a lot of features that range from image enhancement, manipulation to the provision of graphical elements. Also stacked with additional customized plugins to boost the customization process. GIMP is like the next best thing available right now to unpixelate photos.

1. Install the software on your device and launch it. Then open the pixelated image on it.

Depixelate image with GIMP step 1

2. Select the Image option on the tab, then Scale Image.

Depixelate image with GIMP step 2

3. In the pop-up window input the width and height that you want the output to be.

Depixelate image with GIMP step 3

4. Then set the X and Y resolution for the output.

Depixelate image with GIMP step 4

5. In the Quality section, click the dropdown menu of Interpolation. LoHalo may give you the best quality, but it also takes more time.

Depixelate image with GIMP step 5

6. Finally click the Scale button to save your changes, and then export your depixelated image. 


Having a pixelated image is almost inevitable these days as we tend to share images via social media and as such, their qualities are reduced. Also, we are required to upload images within a short space thereby stretching the picture resolution. Hence, having the know-how of how to fix pixelated images will guarantee high-res image quality every time.


1. What is pixelation? 

The individual pixels or pixel blocks become visible in a still image or video. When an image is showing the pixel blocks which is visible and thereby reducing the quality of an image. Also, when the picture is overstretched exceeding its optimal resolution, it will become blocky with stair-like lines. That’s pixelation.

2. What's the difference between blur and pixelation?

The basic difference is that blurred images occur when the camera is out of focus or your camera is not balanced before taking a shot. Also, sudden movement from you or the subject before shoot. WhilePixelation occurs when the picture is stretched out of its optimal resolution thereby making the pixel blocks visible.

3. How does AI image depixelizer work? 

AI image depixelizer is an advanced level of code that is programmed to reconstruct missing details on pixelated images and locate the source object while automatically reconstructing it to restore the mixing pixels. With this, images are restored to their original high resolution and clearer.

4. How to avoid making images pixelated?

There are many steps that can be taken to prevent pixelated images and they are:

  • Set your camera to the highest megapixels resolution when taking pictures
  • Try to avoid a high ISO setting on your camera
  • Don’t enlarge your images unless you are using AI upscaling tool
  • Ensure to give maximum focus when taking pictures for quality pictures

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