How to Convert GIF to PDF With 7 Best Tools

1. VancePDF GIF to PDF

Price: Free to use

 How to convert gif to pdf_VancePDF

VancePDF is an online lightweight tool, with a pretty sleek and easy-to-navigate user interface. Irrespective of your skill level, you can convert gif files to pdf using VancePDF. It's developed for swift operation with adequately elaborate options. The Gif to PDF conversion interface and functionality is also pretty impressive, with frameworks guaranteeing that your PDF maintains a similar quality level as the GIF. VancePDF quality and format preservation are undoubtedly some of the best you'd find around for a relatively less costly tool. Not only can you convert GIF to PDF, but you can also carry out the reverse according to your preferences. 

How to use 

Seeking how to convert GIF to PDF using this tool? Follow these straightforward steps

  • Upload the gif file by hitting the “Select Files” or selecting a file from your cloud storage
  • Click the "Convert" button to let the system complete the GIF to PDF conversion automatically. 
  • Click the "Download" button to save the converted PDF file to your device.

2. Smallpdf

Price: $7 monthly

how to convert GIF to PDF with smallpdf

Arguably, this remains the fastest online converter you can find to change gif to pdf. It's pretty simple, accurate, and of course, free to use for most basic conversions. You don’t have to go through any daunting registration or subscription processes before you make your first conversions. However, some functionalities tend to be limited by subscription and registration. For every file you convert, Smallpdf implements a 256-bit SSL encryption framework to ensure maximum security of your documents. Besides, with this tool, you don’t have to worry about size as you can upload up to 5GB per file. 

How to use

  • Launch the conversion website 
  • Upload your GIF using the available options
  • Modify the settings such as size, orientation to your preferences 
  • Hit the create pdf button,  and the tool will automatically complete the entire process for you within a few seconds.  
  • Download

3. Online2PDF 

Price: Free

how to convert GIF to PDF with Online2PDF

Just like the other tools aforementioned, all conversions made with this tool are carried out online. You don’t have to set up anything, neither do you need to waste priceless time navigating complex interfaces. One unique feature that sets this tool aside is its ability to help you convert several files separately and simultaneously. You can always set this according to your preferences and within a few seconds, you can access your perfectly converted pdf file. In addition to its ease of use and speed, this tool is completely free. You can use it as much as you can without the need to worry about costs or registrations 

How to use

  • Convert gif to pdf online using this tool by duly following these processes:
  • Check for the supported file formats from the website 
  • Launch the online gif to pdf converter 
  • Select the file you intend to convert using the available buttons and options 
  • Hit the convert button 
  • Kaboom! You're done. Now, all you need to do is download the pdf file. 

4. CloudConvert 

Price: $9 monthly

how to convert GIF to PDF with cloudconvert

Cloudconvert is just like a jack of all trades when it comes to anything related to conversions. It offers equally functional and efficient results for each of these features. With the gif to pdf converter, you can always stay assured that your files are in safe hands. Besides, you shouldn't be bothered about the quality of your conversions. This tool tailors your conversion settings to your needs and using its range of custom integrations, you can trust it with your subscriptions, knowing that you'd only get to pay for features you use. With well over 200 supported file formats, you definitely can't go wrong with this tool. 

How to use 

Curious about how to convert gif to pdf using this accessible tool? Follow these straightforward steps 

  • Launch the tool's gif to pdf online conversion platform to change your gif to pdf 
  • Select the file that needs this conversion using the available buttons and options 
  • The tool automatically completes the entire process for you, leaving you with just the obligation to download the converted file.

5. EzGIF

Price: Free 

how to convert GIF to PDF with EzGIF

Here is yet again another of the best tools for diverse conversions, with its focal point being GIFS, as the name suggests. Surprisingly, this tool has been around for quite a while and has developed an extremely loyal user base. These users have stayed loyal largely as a result of its insanely productive and effective features. It provides quite a fast and listless conversion that you can always use and reuse on countless websites. With ezGIF also, you don’t have to worry about things like data security, conversion quality, and speed. It pays maximum attention to each of these factors, and as such, ensures that you get the best off the website. 

How to use 

  • Launch the official gif to pdf converter website 
  • Using the upload option select the gif file decided for conversion and select upload 
  • Once the upload is completed, click on the convert motion and within a few seconds, the tool automatically complete your conversions 
  • Download your file by selecting the save option. 

6. HiPDF

Price: $6 to $8 monthly 

how to convert GIF to PDF with HIPDF

While beginners might not be aware of this tool, anyone who has been converting files on the internet for a while definitely knows what HiPDF can do. It is one of the popular tools out there that allows you to complete most conversions online – of course, pdf to gif inclusive. Its interface is tailored for both novice and professional use. Its speed coupled with ease of use is almost unparalleled. Exploring the user interface, there is almost no advert, and this, without a doubt, contributes to a more robust user experience by a mile.

How to use

  • Launch the website and pick the Gif file you have decided for conversion. You can complete this by using the file button. 
  • When you are done uploading the gif file, click on the convert button, and similar to other tools, the tool completes the process in seconds
  • Download the converted file, and it'll be saved to your preferred location. 

7. Online-Convert

Price: $7 monthly 

how to convert GIF to PDF with online-convert 

Here is one of the lightest and surprisingly, the most powerful conversion tool you can get for absolutely zero cost. The gif to pdf conversion interface is pretty straightforward, meticulously designed as well as responsive. Its attention to quality is also one of a kind, allowing you to convert your files from gif to pdf while maintaining the highest possible quality. Not to mention its support for several other formats, including XLSX, and more. All in all, you should always expect the most accurate conversion results when you use this conversion technology. The platform also features more detailed guides for you, suppose you're struggling with how to convert gif to pdf using this tool

How to use

  • Upload the gif file you intend to convert on Online Convert
  • Once you’ve uploaded the image on its server, and you've ensured that everything is fine, you can then go on to hit the convert button to kickstart the venture process 
  • Download the converted file in your local storage. 


Again, considering the evolution and prevalent social media adoption, Gifs have been all the rage. However, while they can be fun, certain use cases tend to limit their reach. As such, necessitating the need to convert them to pdf. With the tools highlighted in this article and having learned how to convert GIF to PDF, you can stay assured that you are getting the best possible quality you can find today. They are almost equally functional, and thus, you’d never regret your decision regardless of the option you opt-in for.

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