How to Copy PDF to Word in 3 Best Ways

Part 1: Copy PDF to Word in MS Office

As you may know, PDF was initially created from a Word document, and it may be easier to obtain the original file and edit that in Word. Since you need to copy PDF to Word, here are the instructions on how to convert PDF to Word in MS Office.

Step 1: To insert a PDF into an existing Word document, you should open the Microsoft Word file in the first place. 

Step 2: Click the "Insert" menu and choose the "Object" from the drop-down options. And next, click "Create from File" on the pop-up "Object" window.

Step 3: Find the PDF you want to insert into the Word doc on your computer and double-click the file name, returning you to the "Object" window. Then click "OK" to close the "Object" window and return to the Word document, with the PDF inserted. 

The shortcoming of copying PDF to Word in MS is that you can't adjust the inserted PDF page formatting. Microsoft cautions that inserting the PDF into Word and then editing it may leave the PDF looking slightly different than the original. So, you still have to adjust the document a few more times to ensure that everything has transferred correctly or not. 

And there are better ways to do this below.

Part 2. Copy PDF to Word with formatting

Method 1: VancePDF PDF to Word

VancePDF is a free professional PDF converter online tool, it can copy PDF to Word free and without losing its original formatting, copy PDF to Word online in just one click, simple and fast. You can just lie back and leave the dull file conversion with VancePDF when it comes to PDF conversion, management, and editing. VancePDF is your one-stop PDF toolkit. Here are the steps for guidance.

Step 1: Open VancePDF and select files from your computer.

copy PDF to Word_VancePDF_step 1 

Step 2: Open the PDF file and click “Convert.”

 copy PDF to Word_VancePDF_step 2

Step 3: Download the file once it is converted.

 copy PDF to Word_VancePDF_step 3

Method 2: Adobe Online Tools

Adobe Online tool is the pioneer and profession of PDF converter, and it provides very standard conversion services. However, since more other PDF converters are developing, this tool is no long irreplaceable. And compared with Adobe’s cost, there are more alternatives to it, lower price but same quality. Let’s see how to copy PDF to Word document with Adobe.

Step 1: Open Adobe and click “My Computer” then click “Browse” to select a PDF file. 

copy PDF to Word_Adobe_step 1 

Step 2: Find the “Export PDF” on the right panel, this helps you find what formatting you want to convert your PDF to.

 copy PDF to Word_Adobe_step 2

Step 3: Choose Microsoft Word and select the first set Word Document, finally click “Export,” then turn out a save address, name the Word name, and click “Save.” Then the PDF has converted to Word.

 copy PDF to Word_Adobe_step 3

Method 3: PDF Converter 

PDF Converter is a simple solution for creating a personal e-filing system. With this PDF converter, you can manage PDF files and document information more effectively. Only two steps, straightforward and concise. Want to copy PDF to Word with formatting? Try this one! As a suite of helpful file conversion tools, PDF Convert is an excellent one. But its tool family is not big enough, and maybe you still need to find other converters to help when you need some functions it doesn’t have.

Here is the guidance:  

Step 1: Open PDF Converter and choose PDF file, it will convert the PDF file to Word automatically. 

 copy PDF to Word_PDF Converter_step 1

Step 2: Download the Word file.

 copy PDF to Word_PDF Converter_step 2


So now, got something in mind after my listed PDF to Word converters? When you wonder where to convert PDF to Word document, read this article and try them all, you can get the most straightforward user experience once you try. If you want a free converter, VancePDF and PDF Converter are pretty good choices for you. Old Adobe users can also try VancePDF, which is a fantastic PDF conversion tool.

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