Best 8 TIFF to PNG Converter Tools Review in 2022

What is the TIFF format? 

TIFF is an acronym that represents Tag Image File Format. In a nutshell, it is a lossless picture format used to store raster graphic pictures and is common among photographers, graphic designers, and publishing companies. It is an excellent choice when high quality is your aim, particularly for places like a billboard. 

Top 8 TIFF to PNG converter Tools

1. Convertio

convert tiff to png with convertio

Convertio allows you to change TIFF to PNG with immense ease of use and a plethora of unique features. This online tool allows you to upload files from various sources, including your cloud storage. Within a few seconds, it helps you convert TIFF to PNG online while retaining the quality, but decreasing the file size. 


  • Peerless ease of use 
  • Dropbox and Google Drive integration 
  • Intuitive and easy user interface 


  • No file encryption

2. CloudConvert 

convert tiff to png with cloudconvert

CloudConvert is yet another TIFF to PNG converter that renders support for well over 200 file formats, including ebooks, audio, documents, videos, and more. The free online tool features an open-source code, allowing you to modify the process according to your preferences. Not to mention the Google drive, dropbox, and other integrations that facilitate the entire process. 


  • Online and easy to access 
  • A vast range of supported formats 
  • Terrific results devoid of corrupted documents
  • Compelling API


  • Possible errors for sizable files 
  • Periodic disconnection

3. Online-Convert 

convert tiff to png with convert tif to png

As the name implies, this tool allows you to convert multiple formats to other formats, and vice versa. The quality retention, when used to change TIFF to pdf, is immense, making it a recommended tool for such effort.


  • No installation required
  • Features a chrome extension 
  • Limitless and easy to use features 


  • Some exciting features are limited by registration 

4. Zamzar

convert tiff to png with zamzar

Zamzar is a very easy-to-use and pretty unique TIFF to PNG converter. What sets this tool apart is the fact that it sends converted images via email with the formats as subjects. So in case you are not able to download the converted image immediately, you can always do that anytime.


  • Easy to use 
  • Email notifications 
  • Google Drive and Dropbox uploads 


  • The free version has a limited conversion rate.

5. Xconvert 

convert tiff to png with xconvert

Xconvert is another online tool used to convert TIFF to PNG. Besides this, you can find several other intuitive tools on this platform such as trim tools, crop, resize, merge, encode, meme, among others. Using the TIFF to PNG converter, you can upload images using various upload options available and at the end, you can access the high-quality converted file and download it. 


  • Straightforward and uncomplicated to use 
  • UI is easy to navigate 
  • Access to other intuitive features


  • It may not be the best for too large sizes 
  • Only premium users get to enjoy some features

6. FreeConvert

convert tiff to png with freeconvert

This is a tool that generally allows you to carry out various conversions, including documents, ebooks, vectors, archives, images, videos, and several other formats you can think of. It is browser-based and of course, easy to use. FreeConvert also features additional customization settings that allow you to set a few parameters such as size, etc. according to your preference. 


  • Free and secure 
  • Quality assured
  • batch convert TIFF to png    
  • No Ads


  • File size limited to 1GB
  • Time limit

7. Online Converter 

convert tiff to png with online converter

If you are just learning how to convert TIFF to png, you will find this tool especially helpful. You can use the browser-based converter anywhere and anytime you want. Besides, you may also add files directly via local storage or via URL. Customization is also available, allowing you to set a few parameters such as size and quality according to your preference. 


  • Straightforward and accessible 
  • Flexible upload options 


  • Ads diminish the overall experience. 
  • File size limited to 200MB

8. MyGeoData Converter

convert tiff to png with MyGeoData Converter

This is an online TIFF to PNG converter, allowing you to convert images in the TIFF format to PNG lossless. The platform renders support in several other formats also, and you can complete all these within the web browser. For high-volume users, you can batch convert TIFF to PNG, saving more time and data. 


  • Works mainly online 
  • Excellent output 
  • Compatible with any browser 


  • Just supports 3 images or up to 5MB
  • Too many limitations


In a nutshell, we examined some of the top tools to convert TIFF to PNG without any concern. Any of these tools should work the magic, especially if you have no background of how to convert TIFF to PNG using offline software. The processes are quite straightforward – just within 3-4 steps, except a few exceptions. With the pros and cons, you can now make a better-informed decision of which works best for you. 

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1. Is TIFF to PNG lossless?

Of course, yes. Both image formats get to benefit from lossless compressions. This indicates that regardless of how often or how much you open, resize, or even save them, they get to retain their original quality. So, in a way, we could infer that converting TIFF to PNG format is entirely a lossless procedure. 

2. Are TIFF and PNG the same?

While both options remain excellent choices to save or display complex images, TIFF and PNG are not the same. PNG sizes are usually smaller, and more preferable for websites and social media uses. Conversely, TIFF is usually larger and more suited for professional use and prints. The only similarity between both formats is that they are lossless photo formats. 

3. Is TIFF higher quality than PNG? 

When the best quality is your target, you should look no further than TIFF format. So, yes, in terms of quality, TIFF edges PNG. Nonetheless, PNG comes quite close to PNG and can sometimes even be suited for some complex images in some cases. The more details you need in your designs, the better TIFF is suited for your task. 

4. Can you export a TIFF with a transparent background?

Yes, TIFF supports a transparent background. As a raster file format, it allows you to save images with no background and use them when required. Other similar formats that offer such functionality include the TGA, PNG, JPEG 2000, BMP, GIF among others. They support transparency and are the best ways to save your transparent images.