How to Encrypt a PDF File for Email

Part 1. How to Encrypt a PDF with Adobe Acrobat 

Adobe Acrobat is a very familiar name to PDF workers. When questions come to encrypt a PDF file, absolutely you can't miss Adobe. Needless to say, Adobe Acrobat is a profession. Adobe's encrypted files are strongly protected, with no password, no access to see the PDF file. It requires the steps below to password protect your PDF files. And let's see how to encrypt a PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1: Download and open Adobe Acrobat on your computer. Click "Tools" and choose the "Protect" option.

how to encrypt a pdf_adobe_step1

Step 2: Select files from your computer.

how to encrypt a pdf_adobe_step 2

Step 3: Click "Protect Using Password".

how to encrypt a pdf_adobe_step 3

Step 4: Set your password, and you can choose what to apply with the password. And Adobe also provides advanced options, such as Encrypt with Certificate; you can set according to your needs. Hit the "Apply" button.

how to encrypt a pdf_adobe_step 4

Step 5: Save the file once you have successfully encrypted it.

hwo to encrypt a pdf_adobe_step 5

Part 2. How to Encrypt a PDF Online Free 

VancePDF is a web-based online PDF tool, so you don’t have to install anything to your computer to use this tool, and it is free. PDF encryption service is also included. It can password protect PDF intuitively and efficiently. Only three steps can have your PDF files encrypted, upload a file, set a password, and download the final output. Now try out this tool to encrypt PDF for email with the steps below.

Step 1: Drag and drop a PDF file into the tool or upload it from your device.

how to encrypt a pdf_vancepdf_step1

Step 2: Input your password twice there and click Convert to let VancePDF password protect PDF automatically.

how to encrypt a pdf_vancepdf_step 2

Step 3: Click the Download button to save the protected file.

how to encrypt a pdf_vancepdf_step 3


How do you encrypt an email? 

Here let’s take Gmail as an example. Firstly, open Gmail and start a massage, and on the right bottom of the writing page, turn on the confidential mode to send messages and attachments to prevent others from obtaining sensitive information without authorization. By using the confidential mode, you can set the validity period of the message or revoke the access permission at any time. The system will disable the relevant options so that recipients cannot forward, copy, print, and download confidential emails.

What is secured email?

To understand a secured email means encryption. In many cases, the process of encryption and decryption takes place without users ever knowing. For email security, the messages themselves can be encrypted, or your entire network connection can be encrypted via TLS, which protects email from being read while it's in motion. In other words, a secured email is an email that you and your recipient can only see. And your recipient can not download and share your email with another person.

Final Thoughts

So now you know how to password protect PDF with Adobe Acrobat and VancePDF, both tools are excellent. Adobe is surely a good one if you have more budget, while VancePDF is also not bad if you want to encrypt a PDF free. How to encrypt a PDF document for email is not difficult, try the methods in this article, they will help you with your work.

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